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no words passing between them
no promises to keep
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7th-Feb-2011 10:44 pm - Stars & Satellites.
title: stars & satellites.
pairing: Jonghyun x Key
genre: au ( photographer!Kibum x model!Jonghyun )
rating: pg-13
word count: 925
summary: According to Kim Jonghyun, old habits die hard. And Kim Kibum is the brightest star.
notes: first fic for my perfect & lovely OTP. ♥ this was also written because of the song Chemicals Collide by BLG. <3 & about the lasagna part, i saw macro in kpopsecrets regarding that. kudos to whoever made that. :-bd XDD

If stars could talk, they'd break the silence.Collapse )
5th-Feb-2011 06:44 pm - Under the covers.
title: under the covers.
pairing: Onew x Taemin
genre: fluff
rating: g
word count: 965
summary: under any circumstance, he can’t sleep without a blanket.
notes: inspired by this. :3 i personally like this. ^^ heee~ formaknaelovesyou, because i made her beta a pairing she doesn`t like and because she loves OnTae. tell me what you think~ ♥

If only the maknae had not invited himself over to Jinki’s bed, he would have been dozing off to dreamland. Collapse )
3rd-Feb-2011 07:37 pm - Stop waking me up.
title: stop waking me up.
pairing: Minho x Key
genre: fluff, au
rating: pg-13
word count: 1840
summary: Kibum feels it, he’s not asleep, he’s not dreaming.
notes: this was the prompt, then i was inspired further by this. both from here. ^^ is this slow-paced ? .___. i feel like it is. aah~ whatever. XD I DON`T EVEN SHIP MINKEY THAT MUCH. OTL comments are greatly appreciated. :3

“Yes, everything you said is a fact - I actually lost to you, the thing we’re currently searching for in the woods is very easy to find, you’re the shortest boy in Korea, and the earth is a triangle.”Collapse )
30th-Jan-2011 12:44 am - And then there's you.
title: and then there's you.
pairing: Taemin x Minho
genre: fluff
rating: g
word count: 554
summary: 'all i can feel is the numbness from the surroundings as my restless heart beats in the sound of your name.'
notes: Minho`s POV. oh, and first 2min fic. ever. and this will be the first fanfic to be posted here. maknaelovesyou tried to beta this, but ended up getting heartbroken - because she ships OnTae too much. and i seriously think that this is somewhat crappy. .____. so i`ll stop rambling now. comments are loved~ :3

Your eyes are shouting the same thing I want to say. The same thing I'm feeling. The same thing they call love.Collapse )
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