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no words passing between them
no promises to keep
for today, everything is kim kibum and nothing hurts. 
23rd-Sep-2011 02:20 pm

Almighty Diva Kim Kibum, the only key to my heart. ♥ to be honest, words won't be enough to express how much i love you. seriously. when i first saw you, i thought "oh, he looks good." :> and that's it. but then when i watched variety shows and got to know you more, you`re not just someone who has good looks anymore. in my perspective, you became that guy who likes to change his hairstyles and hair colors, that guy who nags a lot because he cares, that guy who seems like he can do anything if he tries, that guy who enjoys dancing other groups' dances, that guy who has a high fashion sense, that guy who's heart softens up with the mention of his grandmother, that guy who is the 'umma' of the group, that guy who isn`t afraid to be who he really is. ♥ that guy, that Kibum, who is nearly perfect in my eyes. :3 that Kibum who made me realize it`s not that bad to be who you really are. ;w; thank you being an inspiration to every shawol and locket. stay strong, and continue living a life with honesty, happiness, and love. happy birthday Key my love ! <3

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