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no words passing between them
no promises to keep
and there were ten 
10th-Oct-2014 06:40 pm
you know what's funny about lu han leaving? two nights ago, i decided to write a selu fic. and the first thing i typed was the part of the fic wherein sehun felt completely lost the moment lu han left him. it's funny how coincidental things are, but i can't seem to laugh or smile at it now.

to be completely honest, i may have felt betrayed from start after reading the company's statement. but after looking at the whole picture, i respect lu han and his decision to leave. he has recently been skipping out on concerts due to health problems, and if that wasn't a sign that the company wasn't taking good care of him then i don't know what else to look for.

exo-m respected the choice he made. i'll admit i found sehun to be butthurt about it while yixing, being the polar opposite, supports lu han and even his fans. i may have cried for about fifteen minutes, but i now accept lu han's decision wholeheartedly.

lu han's finally home. i couldn't be more thankful for that, he now has the time to be happy. it's sad that i won't get to see him as often, but as long as i know that he's healthy and contented, i'll truly be grateful.

and on the tenth day of the tenth month, there were only ten.
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