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no words passing between them
no promises to keep
"URYAH URYAH" screamed Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder Review) 
30th-Apr-2014 12:06 am

Another BL visual novel by Nitro+Chiral, DRAMAtical Murder is set in Midorijima, with Aoba Seragaki as the game's protagonist. Aoba works in Heibon Junkshop and resides in the Old District, a less extravagant place compared to Platinum Jail which is some advanced, upscale area owned by Toue Inc. He owns a very cute and fluffy Allmate named Ren, who serves as his companion and somewhat guide throughout the game. There are five routes: Koujaku's route, Noiz's route, Mink's route, Clear's route, and the True Route that can only be unlocked after playing the first four.

I purposely did not use any kind of guide or walk through when I played it for the first time. Well, I did ask for help from my dear friend, chulbaaal / zvarrii, who actually introduced the game to me. She wasn't much help though, not giving away any of the correct choices or leading to me to any kind of ending. :c :c :c I finished their routes with their good ends first, then tackled the bad ends soon after.

Clear's route was the first one I got. Having said that I played this game for the first time without any sort of guide, I was pretty happy I got on his route since I was originally aiming for either him or Noiz. HEHE. I took up Noiz's route next, which had some ((mentally and sometimes sexually wink wink)) frustrating parts. Next up was Mink's route and I could say that I wasn't really a fan of his route, even if that means I'm being mainstream since a lot of people really didn't like his route. D: I saved Koujaku's route for last and I made the right decision since it was god damn cheesy and heartwarming. ((if you do get the good end tho)) The True route will pick up the puzzle pieces and lay out the whole, clear story of the entire game.

I really liked the art! It wasn't too simple and it wasn't too flashy to the point of overdoing it. It has a mix of sleek, futuristic elements with a hint of 8-bit thrown in. The character designs are just hnng-worthy, as if every one was crafted so well. The story is A+++. It has depth and gave me so much emotions and feelings at the same time. I REALLY LIKE GETTING FEELS AND GETTING ATTACHED and this game certainly exceeded my expectations. It did leave some questions that were probably unanswered, but everything's cleared up in its follow-up game which is Dramatical Murder Re:connect. The music was good, and I especially liked some of the songs used in the credits at each ending! c:

I highly recommend using a walk through for Noiz's route since there's a tricky part that might just drive you insane. I, myself, needed a guide for his route at some point. And just a heads up that there might be trauma triggers at the bad ends. And some of it may be really creepy or messed up for others, but in my opinion, they aren't impossible to handle. I also recommend that you play this god damn game right now and it will change your life forever.

((ok not really, but this heartwarming cg is certainly worth it))


DRAMAtical Murder, emphasis on the ///drama///, is one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Starry Sky ~In Spring~ was the very first visual novel I've played. I also played Togainu No Chi, coming from Nitro+Chiral too, though I never really finished it. I did base my expectations on the mentioned visual novels and prepared myself for what I'm getting myself into. I'm pretty sure either my preparations were just plain lousy or that this game definitely raised the bar for the future visual novels I'd get my hands on. ((I'd pretty much cry while watching the upcoming anime if they do a good job on following or even piecing together all the elements of each route throughout the series.)) This game was totally worth it.
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