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no words passing between them
no promises to keep
20th-Apr-2014 01:08 pm - [sticky post]
most of the posts will be available to the public, but some very personal stuff will be set to friends only.
just let me know first if you feel like adding me!

i'm tyra, and i am a college student.

so okay, i've had this account since 2010 which explains some of the old posts i couldn't bear to delete (as well as my past intro post). because they contain my feelings. i just decided to start writing again and just restart this whole thing. i'll rarely post on this blog cries ;; oh, and i write fics!! and sometimes edit graphics when i feel like it, and you can find them at quite_poetic.

the reason why i chose "yolseo" is because i was aiming for the korean word for key. (bc SHINee is my first fandom!! and i still love key until now). but then it turns out that i actually misspelled 'yeolsoe', the correct translation for key oops

i stan exo, a bit of shinee, and occasionally some girl groups which are either really qt or really hot or both!!

outside k-pop, i have a wide range of interests from korean dramas to british indie music to japanese visual novels and so forth. my interests are never consistent nor constant and it's insane how i could abandon things and then come back to them later sobs

my height doesn't match my age since i'm barely five-foot-tall.

introducing myself has never been my forte, so let me just leave it here and cry huhuhu (and i won't bite if you feel like talking to me i swear)
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